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Artificial Grass For Rooftops - Installation and Tips

If you need to refinish your roof or want to improvise with your rooftop design, artificial grass can turn out to be the perfect solution. It's beautiful, always lush and green, barefoot-comfortable and pet-friendly. Rooftop decks offer more privacy than any other outdoor areas, spectacular views, and available for homeowners living in condominiums, townhouses, and other urban settings. Create a mesmerizing look of a fairy house with no need for watering, mowing, or fertilizing.

Artificial Grass is a Great Way to Make Your Roof More Inviting and Safe

The artificial turf for rooftops adds visual beauty to condominiums, apartment buildings, and multi-level homes with a feel of natural grass and the “green look.” It's a great way to make outdoor spaces more inviting. Our products are safe for children, pet-friendly, and require minimum upkeep.

Some of us still remember the old astroturf of the 70th. It was often installed in commercial buildings and condos and looked cheap, thin, and dull. Today, synthetic turf technology allows for turf that looks and feels natural while offering more than twenty years projected life-span.

Installing Artificial Grass on Rooftops

When estimating and installing synthetic grass on rooftops, safety is the number one concern. As a homeowner, you can install artificial grass yourself, but in some cases, it is not as easy as it looks. Not even all professionals are cut for the job.

Don't be surprised that some contractors turn away from offering artificial grass installation on rooftops due to not understanding how correctly install the system. Most homes today have TPO roofing (Thermoplastic Polyolefin.) It's a type of single ply roofing membrane installed without multiple levels. It delivers excellent results, keeps buildings dry, and performs well for a long time. You might happy with its performance but not as much with a dull, flat look. Installing artificial grass on flat TPO surface makes a huge difference, but if you decide to do so, you should do it right.

Flat roofs look level, but to get water off it requires a minimum slope to avoid water problems in the future. The "pitch" (slope of a roof) is determined by how many inches the roof rises over 1 foot or 12 inches. An example of a sloped roof is 8:12. It means that the rise of the slope goes up or down 8 inches for every 12 inches. To put it in perspective, the angle of a slope should be around 30 degrees.

The way water runs off a roof depends on the amount of rainfall. You may find the drainage system of your roof at the edge or in the middle of your roof. For larger roofs, drains are usually placed at multiple locations within the area. But what if your roof doesn't have a proper slop or drainage? If you install artificial grass on top, standing water can cause a failure of the synthetic turf system and shorten its life-span.

Global Syn-Turf experienced installers have a contractor's license and carry general liability insurance as required by the state government. Additionally, they successfully meet requirements to obtain the Global Syn-Turf designation.

Seaming Synthetic Turf

Professional seaming is essential if you don't want to look around and be staring at another unsightly seam. With rain, the edges of improperly done seams will come up simply because the tape is not holding.

There is another costly mistake, most DIY and contractors make if they don't have enough knowledge. Artificial grass blades are turned a little to the side. If you place two pieces of turf in the wrong direction, you will see the seams a lot more. The expert installation allows for a flawless surface, where the grass really is greener.

Choosing Artificial Grass Infill Options

If you have pets or expect to have your friend's dogs or cats on your roof, artificial grass is a much better choice than standard pile, coatings, and outdoor carpet. It will not crack or fade over time. Use pet-friendly infills like Zeolite to prevent pet urine odors.

If you live in a hot, dry climate, choose TCool infill to prevent your grassy roof surface from overheating. TCool has been introduced to the market in 2018 and has a proven record of keeping the temperature of turf down up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

We always recommend the organic types of infills to our customers. It's not aka organic foods. You are unlikely to chew on synthetic turf, but, you don't want to have a cocktail of harmful ingredients on your turf either. Infill particles tend to get into your mouth and longs before you know it. Children are much more susceptible to airborne toxins and more vulnerable to toxic threats.

Cushioning - Add Extra Protection

If you have kids, you may consider putting shock pads or lawn pads beneath your artificial grass installation. Pads are highly effective at cushioning falls wherever they occur.

Falls are also a leading cause of unintentional injury among seniors. Loose, unsecured, no-paddy surfaces and rugs, are a recognized hazard for severe fall injuries. If you install synthetic turf for nursing homes or hospitals, hire a professional installer who can evaluate your environment and add extra protection.

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