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Technically, our artificial grass will last at least 15 years as our warranty covers under normal usage and weather conditions. In reality, applications such as you have described, your grass will last much longer if it is not exposed to hostile weather. You can find all the details regarding our warranty coverage on artificial grass products from our website:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us by phone, email or this form, we are here to help:

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There are some pros and cons for each type of artificial grass when using it for playground applications. Here are my opinions: 

1. Using artificial grass with shorter blades: reality proves that shorter blade turf will be better for playgrounds due to heavy activities and usages.

2. Using artificial grass that can resist better on wear and tear.

3. It is a wrong expectation for grass that never will lay down, such expectation shouldn’t be for a playground turf. More importantly, regardless the turf will lay down or not given heavy traffics and usages, you want the fibers to be acting consistently.

4. Infills is needed not only for help to stabilize the artificial grass, but also increase the resilience of turf fibers while providing additional cushions. In order to easily blend in infills, lower weight (or less dense) turf is preferred.

By what said above, a lot of our products with face weight less than 60 oz will fit the bill. To learn more details about our products, please visit this link:

We are here to help by providing free consultations on our artificial grass products and installations, please feel to call or email us or fill out this online form if you have any further questions:

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For the most detailed descriptions and functions of our Pet Odor Neutralizer, please visit this link:

In general summary: Our Pet Odor Neutralizer is specifically designed for use with artificial grass, it is liquid product packed in two different sized bottles: 32 oz and 1 gallon. The 32 oz bottle comes with a garden hose attachment to make the spraying easy. The product is live enzymes with the scent of fresh cut grass, one of the best neutralizers on the market. For any further questions or concerns, please call, email or fill out this online form:

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We are the manufacturer of artificial grass and not in the retail market therefore, we don’t have stores to sell to general public even though we have our distribution centers nationwide. All of our distributors/dealers have their own storefronts and dealing with retail customers, and you can find them at almost any corner of the country. Most of our distributors carry displays and samples and some of them with inventories. The best way to get you connected with a local store near you is for you to fill out this online form and we will take care of the rest:

Roof top installations of artificial grass can be complicated. I will strongly suggest you to contact us by phone, email or this online form ( ) with the answers to the following questions so that our experts can help you further on your project: 

-Is the roof pitched for drainage and are there exposed drain grates?

-What is on the roof now? rubber membrane? stone tile? Need to know if you can glue to roof top or now. Glue could chemically damage the roof if products don't jive. 

- Drain tile might needed so there is a gap for water to exit and air to flow.

- Access to roof: need a crane?

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Repairing artificial grass is very similar to that of carpet. It all depends on the size of your damaged area and if you have any same dyelot products available for the repair. Artificial grass is like carpet in term of production batches: the same product will have very minimum color shade variations from production to production which called “dyelots” as an industry term. People won’t be able to tell the difference by looking at the different dyelots separately unless piecing them next to each other in which sometimes differences can be noticed and sometimes there is no difference. Professionals are always aware that there will be chances for the dyelots not matching up so it is very important to use the same dyelot on the same project. By that said, i hope you have kept some leftover turf from your original installation and the leftovers are big enough to cover the damaged area. If you do have enough, all you need to do is to cut out the damaged section, and cut the exact size from your leftover piece, and glue it together with your existing piece. You can find the glue and seaming tape for the repairs from this link:

If you don’t have any leftovers and you have to buy a piece for the repair, you just have to anticipate that the new and your original pieces will very likely not matched. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:

This is a rather difficult question to answer. Prices for base materials and installations of artificial grass can vary from areas to areas. To look at a complete artificial grass project, the major costs go to the installation labors which typically 50-75% overall project cost. To have a better idea on exactly how much savings you will have by doing installations yourself, I will suggest you to have some estimates from professional artificial grass installers and ask them to break down the material costs from installation costs if possible. By doing so, you will be able to tell clearly how much savings you will have. But please keep in mind that it is not always easy to do the installation yourself especially if you have a rather big project (600 sf or over) and with seams to work on. We can provide you with any consultations related to your artificial grass products and installation needs, simply call or email us or just fill out this online form, we are here to help:

I would say the key advantage of having artificial grass over pavers is that you have a grass! We all know that landscape designs can’t be without greens, all rocks or pavers won’t make a design perfect, green grass in most caseS can be a key factor of the design and result. I am not opposing to pavers at all, there are many projects designed and built by using both, keep in mind, the sub base preparations for both turf and pavers are almost identical, and installations with both products shouldn’t be considered more complicated. If you have to choose from one, it will depend on what usage you have intended for, if there will be just general landscape, I will of course recommend turf, but if your application involves with more abusive actions such as driving a car on it, pavers will definitely be the better choice. Please let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:

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Well, to be honest, there is really not much you can do to prevent the ice from forming on the artificial grass during winter time. It is the act of nature, just like any other products such as outdoor furniture, artificial grass itself won’t be able to generate any actions heat to stop the ice. Please let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:

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I personally always like to use nails for artificial grass installations. The staples will work ok on the seaming part of the installation from time to time to certain installers, but overall, nails will do the job just fine in a much more quick way. I have found it is easy to use nails and much quicker than staples: staples can be more difficult to be driven through the artificial grass backing and into the sub base, and the flat U shaped head can catch the turf blades and drew them down in which situation you will need to spend time to pull out the fibers caught by the stapes head which can be very time consuming and frustrating. Therefore, my personal advice is to use nails whenever you can for all your artificial grass installations, please do not hesitated to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions:

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This is a good question, and we have had same question before with very detailed answers provided, please visit to this link and read through the answers and feel free to let us know if you have any further questions:

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All our artificial grass designed and manufactured to be toxic free and kid friendly. Even though at the hand feel some turf might be a bit stiffer compared with others, but my experience is that once they are installed and in a warm day, all fibers will become soft enough to be pleasant for kids to play on. For softer feeling artificial grass, the best choice will be our cashmere series, you will find these products with the best soft feel in the market. You can find the details about three cashmere products at this link:

For extra cushioning, you should use our shock pads or lawn pads, artificial grass itself doesn’t have any fall ratings, but with pads installed underneath, you will be able to achieve a lot on cushioning concerns. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:

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We have about total 40 different artificial grass products for applications ranging from landscape, playgrounds, pets to sports. You can find all of our product information along with specifications, pictures and testings on our website: once you click on the product tab, you will see all the different applications of our artificial grass. On each product page, you can find all the information related to that particular product. If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding our products, please feel free to call, email or simply fill out this form:

Our pet odor Neutralizer for artificial grass comes in with a garden hose attachment, all you need to do is to connect it to your garden hose and spray, super easy! If you don’t have a garden hose to work with or you do not want to use a garden hose, you can simply dilute the Neutralizer at a rate of 2 oz per gallon mixing with water and apply it onto the smelly areas. For more detailed information about the product, please visit this link:

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions:

I will assume that you meant the artificial grass putting green surface to be smooth so the golf ball will roll consistently and fast. By that said, yes, our artificial putting greens are the best you can find on the market! We have three main putting greens products with face weight ranging from 44 oz to 60 oz.. All three putting green products have very similar ball movement consistencies and speed. On the stimpmeter, without any infills, the ball speed ranging from 8 to 10 feet; with infills, the golf ball speed can get up to 14 ft or so. The colors are different from these three putting greens: Pro Putt-44 is mid tone green, Pitt-46Bicolor is light green and Putt-60Bicolor is dark green. You can find the details of all three putting greens on this link:

For any other questions or if you would like to get some samples from one of our local distributors, please contact us by phone, email or this online form:

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This is a very good question, technically yes, we can custom make your product based on your specific requirements as we are the manufacturer who make the artificial grass products. However, timing and cost might be the main factors for people to shy away from customizing their own artificial grass: it can take months to go through design and manufacturing customizations with color matching, ingredients mixing and testing. Also such customization can cost a lot of more due to the efforts and time involved unless the volume of artificial grass you need justify: a meaningful quantity (threshold) for custom production is 100,000 sf minimum, then the cost will start make sense. We are happy to discuss further with you on your needs if you can provide us with more details about your project, you can contact us by phone, email or this online form at your convenience:

Generally speaking, you can use a broom to clean off the seeds: I think your concern is the seeds might not stay on top of the grass, instead they will fall into the grass, depending on how much of these spilled seeds are: it is fine to have them inside the grass as “infill” to certain extend, I will say 1/4-1/2”, any more than that will make the seeds noticeable and you will need to clean them off. Again, broom will work, also you can use a blower, or a vacuum. When using a vacuum, you need to be carful not to suck out the infills in your artificial grass. As far as the nectar concerns, you need to be careful not to have it build up as it might be difficult to get it off your grass, if simple water rinsing or garden hose won’t do the job, you can try to use aerosol refrigerant which should work in most cases. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form should you have any further questions:

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The process of installing artificial grass for a playground is pretty much the same as regular artificial grass lawn expect that all of the public playground projects require cushioning pads under the grass. Many residential playground applications don’t have lawn pads under the grass as no special rules or regulations apply, however, all public playgrounds will require the lawn pads to achieve fall ratings for public safety. Let’s look at this in two parts:

1. For general artificial grass installations which will also apply to playground, please check out this link for details:

2. To install the lawn pads under the artificial grass for a playground application, you won’t need any other special tools, but you will need to take consideration of the thickness of the pads while you are building your sub base. The following is a general reference:

1-1/4” pad can take a 5’ fall.

2-1/4” pad can take a 8’ fall.

If higher fall ratings needed, you will need to stack the pads together to achieve that. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions:

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Weed barrier is an optional item for artificial grass installations. In general, weeds wont grow through turf or at least won’t be much of an issue. Occasionally, you will see them coming through the edges and seldom to see them grow on the surface of the artificial grass. Some people won’t mind minimum weeds here or there along the turf as it make the entire artificial surface look more realistic, for people who has a problem with weed and prefer a almost perfect artificial grass surface, and have some extra budge, using weed barrier will definitely take care of the concern. The weed barrier goes in place after before you lay the turf, on top of the sub base, it is very hard to suggest if you should do it yourself or by an installer. If you are doing the entire installation yourself, the weed barrier will be a simple step extra. The weed barrier is a polypropylene fabric comes in as rolls which make it relatively easy to install, you will need a few nails to secure the weed barrier onto the sub base, won’t need much, just enough to prevent the fabric from moving or shifting. You can find more information on weed barrier from this link:

For further free consultations on our products or installation process, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:

Most of our artificial grass at 60 oz range or lower in term of face weight can be considered the best valued products. There are really two ways to look at the best values artificial grass on today’s market: overall, every single artificial product offered by us has the best value compared to the rest of the industry, comparing “apple to apple”, you won’t find anything come close to the value of our products offer. Secondly, which echo my point at the beginning of this answer, within our own artificial grass lineup, products with face weight of 60 oz range will be the group to represent the best values. If you have any other questions or comments regarding your specific needs, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:

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