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Our artificial grass designed and made for all sports fields will be suitable for cricket fields. We typically custom manufacture sports fields as every one of them can be different based on the architects and designers’ requirements and specifications. By that said, please email us your project details at If you don’t have any requirements or specs and would like one of our experts to provide you with recommendations, you can call us at 877 796 8873 or fill out this online form, thank you:

Most of our artificial grass products have monofilament yarns which are true for both the straight fibers and thatch. Please let us know if you have any other questions by phone: 877 796 8873 or email:, thank you.

I have a previous post for this question, please visit this link for the answers: 

Please always feel free to call (877 796 8873) or email us ( if you have any other questions, thank you.

Unfortunately we don’t sell power brooms at current moment. We might start carrying it in the future. However, if you like, you can fill out the online form with your address and contact information so we can refer you to a local distributor/dealer who offers power brooms for artificial grass, thank you:

Our shockpad for artificial grass is made of PE (polyethylene) and POE (

Polyethylene based Polyolefin Elastomers) which are not toxic. The shockpad manufacturing is a foaming process so the product is very similar to any foam products we we living with in our daily life. Shockpads are typically laid underneath the turf with no exposures to human touch. Please feel free to call us (877 796 8873) or email us ( if you have any other questions, thank you.

It is very hard to tell the quality of the backing of artificial grass by just visualizing or feeling it. Typically there are two parts of backing for most of the turf products on the market today: primary backing and secondary backing. The primary backing is the Polypropylene fabric that turf fibers to be tufted onto; the secondary backing is the glue to hold the fibers in place. The only one determination people can make by just looking at the turf is how many layers of the primary backing the artificial grass has, for an example all our products have two layers of primary backing which represent higher quality compared with some single layer backing products by other companies. It is almost impossible to tell any differences on other aspects of a turf backing system without technical testing such as tuft bind, grab, thickness of polypropylene fabrics and etc., you can find all these technical testing information on our website at this link: If you have any other questions, please call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at, thank you.

I have a previous post regarding your question of quality of artificial grass, please visit this link: If you still have any further questions, please feel free to call us (877 796 8873) or email us (, thank you.

Our S Blade series are one of the best artificial grass on today’s market. We first introduced this series about eight years ago and it has been proven to be great for all type of applications including the patios. You can choose from three different specifications with different faceweight and pile height. If your patio area has more traffic, I will recommend to use SBlade-90, moderate or for low traffic patios, you can choose either SBlade-66 or SBlade-50. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at, thank you.

RM series artificial grass is one of the best sellers! By looking and feeling the samples, people might think the fibers are a little stiff, however, once the turf is installed, under normal weather with some sun warmth, the feels are just perfect in might opinion! If you would like to get connected with one of our local distributors or dealers for samples or installations, please fill out this online form and we will be in touch with you immediately, thank you:

The Wonderedge is a product specifically designed for artificial grass edging applications, it is made of plastic composites and tend to be very sturdy yet flexible. We have been carrying this products for several years with mostly positive reviews and feedbacks on how easy and convenient this product is when it comes to turf installations, I personally haven’t heard any problems about Wonderedge. To learn more about this product, please visit this link:, or call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at, thank you.

Yes, all our artificial ivy products are free of lead or any other harmful heavy metals, please feel free to reach us if you are interested in any particular product so we can provide you with any additional information, thank you:

Phone: 877 796 8873


We are using broadloom products special transportation companies to handle our artificial grass shipments in most of cases, and the damage rate by such specialty trucking companies are relatively low compared with regular LTL. If there is an damages occur during shipping, the shipping companies will be fully responsible, and we typically will advise our customers to refuse the shipment or mark the damage on the Bill of lading when receiving the shipment. Such documents will be presented to the shipping companies as evidence to file claims. In the main time, we normally will ship out the replacements ASAP to minimize further delays while working with shipping companies on the claim. Please let us know if you have any other questions by phone: 877 796 8873, or email:, thank you.

Our Full Recyle series artificial grass has just superior quality as the rest of our product lineups if not better! As you might have read the details about this series on our product pages, it has unique “W” shaped fibers and clear coating as glue so the entire product are polypropylene and polyethylene which make it 100% recycleable. To learn more about this product series or asking for samples, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at, or filling out this online form:, thanks.

Yes, the artificial grass you are looking for will be GST exclusive SuperNatural series: this is a very unique and greatly engineered turf product with combinations of multiple colors and blades pioneered by us and widely considered the most realistic artificial grass ever on today’s market. To find details about our SuperNatural series, please visit the following links:

If you are looking for a local distributor/dealer near you or need samples, please call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at or simply fill out this online form:, thank you.

None of our artificial turf come with a fresh cut smell. The fresh cut smell can be achieved by spraying our pet odor neutralizer onto the turf surface. So basically you will kill two birds with one stone by spraying our pet odor neutralizer: eliminating the pet smell and getting fresh cut smell. We used to carry a product called “Freshcut” spray, however, we have discontinued it. Instead we now only offer the pet odor neutralizer which offers the same smell. If you would like to find out more, please call us at 877 796 8873, or email us at, or simply fill out this online form, thank you:

Our yarns used on artificial grass products are different from one to another. Actually the term of “thickness” can be a bit misleading, some yarns can be a bit wider but thinner so it will be inaccurate to say that yarn is “thicker”. The best way to describe a yarn is Dtex which is the weight per 10,000 meters so that regardless the shapes or “thickness” of a yarn. We have all the Dtex information on each of our product on the specification sheet on our website, and here is the link: Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone: 877 796 8873 or email:, thank you.

The main difference between the two different SuperNatural artificial grass products is the faceweight and pile height, the SuperNatural-80 has heavier faceweight and a bit taller in pile height. Other than that, the turf blades, the colors are all exactly the same. Please let us know if you need more help or samples by filling out this online form, thank you:

All our artificial grass has “engineered” blades which in general provide the following main advantages:

1. Enhance durability and lifespan.

2. Increase resiliency

3. Reduce light reflections

Among all these blades, there are other differences from one to another, some are softer to the touch, some are less shinny, some have a bit longer lifespan and some are less hot and etc., it will be best that you can check out all the details of each turf product at this link: If you still have any specific questions after reviewing all the details, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at or simply fill out this online form:

You can use almost any our artificial grass products for this application: different people might have different preferences: if you want something soft, you should choose our Cashmere series, if you need something looks the most natural, our SuperNatural series will be your top consideration, on if you need a workhorse, our S Blade series fit the needs well. We will be more than happy to help you to choose the best turf for your project, please call (877 796 8873) or email us at to get connected with one of our experts, thank you.

Not really, we only offer couple of artificial grass products with green thatching:

1. SBlade-90 Green on Green:

2. Trainer Turf:

Please let us know if you need further help on selecting turf materials or getting samples by phone: 877 796 8873, or email:, or fill out this online form:, thank you.

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