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My artificial lawn lay down in some areas, why?

| Dec 13, 2019 10:03 AM
2 Answers

Areas that have been "matting down/twisting" are not manufacturing related. Such "matting down/twisting" issue shall be caused by usage, traffic or other unknown external forces. Most of our artificial grass products are with engineered blades which provide excellent resiliency. However, like any PE products, the enhanced can absolutely prolong the time frame of fibers "standing up", but depends on usage and traffic, certain areas will lay down sooner than less used and lighter traffic areas. It is always a good idea to rake or brush up the laying down areas when you start seeing it so the fibers won't build up their "memories" for laying down. Sometimes, adding more infills will help as well.

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Dec 13, 2019
Thanks for the answer!
Dec 13, 2019
Brushing works for me!
Dec 13, 2019
Good to know.
Dec 19, 2019
Constant dog movement on certain areas can cause turf laying down unevenly as well,
Dec 20, 2019
Don't let the matted area stay down for long, as all artificial grass has a "memory", and they tends to remember being lay down and stay down. All Turf is made of PE and PP, type of plastic which have "memories".
Dec 22, 2019
Law of physics, I wouldn't even believe it if people tell me the artificial turf fibers can always standup perfectly all the time, just a matter of time.
Dec 23, 2019
I got the U Blade turf, it stands up really well.
Dec 23, 2019
I don't have much going on with my turf, they have been looking good.
Dec 26, 2019
I would think it is rather normal, when I walk on the turf, I leave footprint, and it goes back shortly after. But if the traffic is consistent, I doubt the turf will get back up easily.
Jan 1
Law of physics

Most of the laying down cases are due to too much and irregular traffics or heavy items....

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