Travel Channel Dubs Memphis 'Hottest Southern Destination of 2019'

January 29, 2019 4:31 AM

Travel Channel called Memphis its “hottest Southern destination of 2019” on its website Tuesday.

The distinction comes only a week after the TripSavvy travel site named Memphis its best overall travel destination for 2019.

”Memphis seems to be on everyone’s radar right now,” reads the post on the Travel Channel website. ‘Here’s what’s making this Southern city known for shaking hips, quacking ducks, and all things pink a must-go in 2019.”
Travel Channel pointed to the “Riverfront Reboot,” the ongoing improvements along the city’s shore along the Mississippi River. (“Riverfront Reboot” was also the headline for our story on what’s happening there this year.)

As for ”shaking hips,” the channel wondered ”if you went to Memphis and didn’t visit Graceland, home to the King of Rock and Roll, did it really happen?”

Elvis remains a major tourism draw, apparently, but the Travel Channel also encouraged visitors to see locations featured in the Hallmark Channel’s recent Christmas at Graceland movie and to grab a peanut butter and banana sandwich at The Arcade.

Barbecue, of course, made the Travel Channel list noting the more than 100 barbecue restaurants in the city, the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, and Bartlett-based Memphis Barbecue Supply.

The “quacking ducks” reference is to the twice-daily marches of The Peabody Hotel’s famous ducks to and from its lobby fountain. 
The Travel Channel also urged visitors to see the National Civil Right Museum, ride a trolley, tour the Pink Palace Museum (all things pink, get it?), and to see the city’s “museum-quality street art” via Julien de Casabianca’s Outings Project.

Stax and Sun made the list. Beale Street did, too, with Travel Channel writers giving it a top-ranked superlative.

“Historic Beale Street may be the most well-known street in America [dang!] thanks to its vibrant multi-colored neon signs and heart-pumping music,” reads the post. “It's squarely at the heart of the local music scene and even has its own app whether you want a historic tour or need help finding live music, including blues, jazz, gospel, and of course, rock and roll.” Continue Reading

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