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Premium M Blade-60

Spend more time in your yard with durable, maintenance-free Premium M Blade-60 artificial grass. Plush and soft underfoot, M Blade-60 is the perfect alternative to natural grass. Save money and time. Premium M Blade-60 offers superior resilience and permeability, UV protection, and environmentally friendly construction.

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More About Premium M Blade-60

M-Blade fiber acts like memory foam, offering the plush and responsive cushioning to your grass surface. What makes M-Blade is its ability to contour to pressure and return to its original shape after pressure is released. This process allows M-Blade to react to pressure differently across its surface and provide a dense, luxurious look to your lawn.

High Resilience: Traffic Expectations

M Blade-60 has much higher responsiveness than synthetic turf built with flat fibers, which have a slower response. This makes M Blade-60 a premium choice for high traffic areas. While less resilient artificial turf requires regular raking to fluff up fibers, Premium M Blade-60 significantly reduces the amount of maintenance while keeping your lawn in top shape year-round.


Synthetic fibers offer great fiber strength and resistance to traffic and temperature changes. But some more than others. Premium M Blade-60 is the top choice for commercial and residential applications due to its excellent resilience to moisture and sunlight. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor, for hot or cold, dry or humid conditions. The fibers are stain-resistant, irresponsive to dirt abrasion, and resist both crushing and matting.

Polypropylene thermostatic M Blade fibers are lightweight, don't absorb moisture, have good fatigue resistance, and impact strength.

Light Scattering

M-Shape scatters light and cools the surface by reflecting sunlight in multiple directions. It performs well in hot, sunny weather due to its ability to reduce the temperature inside fibers.

Excellent Color Stability

During the manufacturing process, the color pigment is added to the yarn resulting in a color that extends throughout the material. This is a reason why Premium M Blade-60 has outstanding resistance to fading and excellent color stability, making it well-suited for different climates. Diluted bases and acids don’t react readily with polypropylene fibers; you can clean spills and stains with water and cleaning agents. Field Green and Lime Green combination creates a beautiful, vibrant grassy appearance and feel, while twisted double brown and green thatching adds a touch of nature to the overall look.

Backing Concept

Premium M Blade-60 backing material offers superior performance with extra strength and stability. Polypropylene offers better mildew resistance, ideal for high humidity environments. The perforated backing is designed to let water and liquids drain through quickly, allowing for always dry, clean, non-slippery surface.

Children's Safety

Premium M Blade-60 is 100% Lead-Free and safe for children and pets. We offer an extensive line of organic infills to make the play experience enjoyable and worry-free. The underlying lawn pads and shock pads help to prevent fall-related injuries.

Pet-Proof & Pet-Friendly

Premium M Blade-60 is designed with pets in mind; no space is off-limits. Pets are superheroes, taking the lead in family ventures, but when those adventures get messy, artificial grass by Global Syn-Turf is ready, featuring pet-friendly, mess-free indoor and outdoor protection against the most beastly pet business. M Blade-6o is color-safe and fade-resistant so that you can clean it easily and quickly. Specialty infills absorb smells while the backing allows fast drainage.


M Blade fibers are made of thermoplastic polymer PP. Thermoplastic materials can be heated to their melting point, cooled, and reheated again without degradation. That makes Premium M Blade-60 synthetic turf a perfect candidate for recycling.


Global Syn-Turf offers a 15-year warranty on all synthetic turf products.

Products Specifications

Color: Lime Green | Field Green
Thatching: Brown | Green
Traffic: Light-Heavy
Pile Height1 3/4"
Turf Gauge3/8"
Face Weight60 oz.yd2
Backing Weight30 oz.yd2
Total Weight90 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate12/10 cm
BladesM Shape Blade
SeriesPerformance Series Engineered Blades

Products Uses

  • Landscape
  • Lawns
  • Playgrounds
  • Traffic Medians
  • Pet Areas
  • Commercial or Residential


  • PE Monofilament
  • PP Curled as Thatch

20 Customer Reviews

4.9 stars -
4.9 stars out of 5 stars

5 stars -

looks good feels good

5 stars -
I like the feel of this one. Fairly priced as well.

5 stars -

This turf is good quality

1 customer found this helpful  

5 stars -

Awesome new lineup you guys have here

5 stars -

Don't really care for aesthetics. We replaced the real grass with turf for our soccer and cricket games and it holds up well. Even when it rains, there's no mud or dirt so it's very clean

5 stars -

Absolutely incredible results! Huge thanks guys

5 stars -

Just a small area I wanted to test

4 stars -

I prefer a deeper green, I think it looks more elegant

5 stars -

It's got a nice dense cushion feel to it. Great for sports fields.

3 stars -

In terms of looks, it's good. I also have the Super natural 80 and that one is hard to beat. It's much more natural looking, would recommend over the M Blade.

5 stars -

GST turf installed by SiteOne

5 stars -

Good for sports fields

5 stars -

Transformed our little walkway with some turf. Might do the backyard soon.

5 stars -

Love the look of turf

5 stars -

I can't believe I was actually able to recreate this tile pattern I saw online!

5 stars -

I love the color of this turf, it gives the yard a very mature look.

5 stars -

Wanted to test out what turf would be like in the small part of my yard before going all out on the front yard. It's a neat little add on if you want to renovate your yard.

5 stars -
Just installed a job for a striped field with the premium series. Looks great

5 stars -

Heard from a friend that this new premium series looked good so I gave it a shot. The color is amazing and I'm glad I made this as my first choice.

5 stars -

This is a new series that I wanted to try out. I was very surprised because it is high quality and the color is very vibrant as well.

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