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All Natural-75

The most natural-looking artificial turf on the market. This turf can be installed on landscapes, lawns, playgrounds, traffic medians, pet areas, commercial or residential spaces, and is suitable for lightly to heavily-trafficked areas. This fake turf can be used anywhere, and it will dramatically enhance the look of its surroundings. It has numerous practical benefits as well: it saves money, water, and encourages physical activity.

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More About All Natural-75

All Natural-75 is ideal for deck, roof, patio, pet turf, playgrounds, and lawns. The combination of field green and olive green colors with brown and green and field green thatching creates a natural and realistic look. It is the safest, most durable and beautiful alternative to the traditional playground surfaces. Installed in public parks, playgrounds, and schools, it can help to reduce the risk of injuries and provide a safe and beautifully looking environment for children to enjoy while ensuring low maintenance costs. Perfect for backyard areas where young children may be playing or where you enjoy spending your leisure time.

Artificial grass has never looked so real, so turn your lawn into a beautiful, lush and tranquil retreat and forget about monthly maintenance fees for the next twenty years. Eco-friendly and certified by independent laboratories, All Natural-75 can withstand rough wear, tear, and extreme weather conditions.

All Natural-75 is ideal for commercial and residential landscapes, creating a perfectly manicured, gorgeously looking lawn to be proud of. Utilizing the latest technology to create the ultimate in luxury and comfort, All Natural-75 is an outstanding and comfortable, durable synthetic grass product that feels great.

There are many reasons why homeowners love All Natural-75 synthetic grass. One of them is safety. If you have children, you’ll want them to stay protected while running around getting fresh air in the sunlight. No more nasty splinters, or head injuries. Installing All Natural-75 artificial grass significantly improves the safety of your outdoor environment for you and your whole family.

Products Specifications

Color: Field Green | Olive Green
Thatching: Brown | Green
Traffic: Light-Heavy
Pile Height1 3/4"
Turf Gauge3/8"
Face Weight75 oz.yd2
Backing Weight28 oz.yd2
Total Weight103 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate16/10 cm
BladesDiamond Blade

Products Uses

  • Landscape
  • Lawns
  • Playgrounds
  • Traffic Medians
  • Pet Areas
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Light-Heavy Traffic


  • PE Monofilament
  • PP Curled as Thatch

11 Customer Reviews

5.0 stars -
5.0 stars out of 5 stars

5 stars -

Out of all the turfs I've seen, this one feels and looks the most natural. 

5 stars -

10/10 would recommend. Looks amazing in the sun

5 stars -

In Alaska, the weather is always extremely cold, so maintaining a nice yard is hard. However, the super natural series makes it easy to look like you have a nice yard without making it look too fake.

5 stars -

We used to live in a rural area so my dog used to do his business on grass. Now that we moved to the city, there's no grass in our neighboring places so it was a big problem for me and to my dog to do his business. He refused to pee on our backyard or in our bathroom. My mother suggested to buy an artificial grass and I did. The first time my dog saw it, he jumped on it and pooped! We love how it feels like a real grass and my dog can't actually see the difference. This artificial grass solved my problem.

5 stars -

I never felt that I was going to use artificial grass. With all the rain we had in California, I used it to cover an area that got muddy. I used mulch before but artificial grass was a much better solution. I ended up cutting a portion of it (VERY easy to cut), and use it as a rug. It looks incredible. I've been using it for over a month now and it looks great. Easy installation!  The installer secured it with some staples and after a few hours, my artificial grass is ready to use! I super love it!

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5 stars -

We are getting a new puppy and I want to train her to do her business in a specific spot of our yard. I think it's the perfect spot as it's quite shaded and I wouldn't worry much about her burning her feet in case she needs to go. I live in California and the weather here can be extreme. 

I decided to go for All Natural-75. then placed the order. The delivery went smoothly and the installation only took about a day. I fluffed up the blades with a leaf blower and it looks perfect! My yard was enhanced and I could not believe my eyes. I was only looking for something where I can potty train my dog and this product is so much more than that! I have a very beautiful lawn. without having to do much effort, saves me money and provided me a great spot for my dog-- it's everything I needed! Totally safe for my pup too as it doesn't get too hot. 

2 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -

I have only had this down a week. I have 2 cats and a dog. It was easy enough to install - it is "bumpy" now even though I mowed the weeds as low as possible. It is slightly "sticky" and gets pretty warm in the 100 degrees Texas heat but my pets seem to like it. I only wanted it around my patio - less mowing, fewer bugs/ants and fewer weeds. My grass mostly died after a few years of extreme drought so this seemed like a good replacement.

5 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -

I have only had this down a week. I have 2 cats and a dog. It was easy enough to install - it is "bumpy" now even though I mowed the weeds as low as possible. It is slightly "sticky" and gets pretty warm in the 100 degrees Texas heat but my pets seem to like it. I only wanted it around my patio - less mowing, fewer bugs/ants and fewer weeds. My grass mostly died after a few years of extreme drought so this seemed like a good replacement.

4 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -

This is a good find. It was easy to install, the rolls are not heavy to carry or unroll, looks good and easy to remove pet waste it has been down about a week so far no orders at all lay it right over the existing grass no special prep I did cut what was left of my real grass short also I have a small yard.

6 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -
This synthetic grass is "real"! I can't believe how realistic this artificial grass looks after the installation. There is no way I can tell from the small samples the salesman showed, we took the chance and we are glad we did! Have a lot of complementaries from my relatives and friends, a way to go, and definitely recommend this product. Oh, by the way, it is super soft and really comfy!
18 customers found this helpful   Comment 1

5 stars -
That's a great product for a fair price. After we settled with a quote, the delivery was super fast, and the installation went smoothly. The main part was taking off the old lawn and putting the base. Guys did a great job on that base drainage level is fine, hope it will hold on to rain. Makes our lawn look like something from a magazine. 
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