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Pro Putt-44

Pro Putt-44 was specifically designed with one thing in mind: ball speed. Measuring speed with a Stimpmeter, without infill, ball speed is averaged at about 8-9. With infill, ball speed can go up to 14. The more infill, the faster the speed. And with a pile height of 1/2" and face weight 44 oz.yd2, Pro Putt-44 is ideal for putting greens all across America. Its color looks natural and realistic and it's beautiful green tone blends very well with a wide variety of artificial grass combinations for fringes, lawns, and landscapes for practice greens at golf courses, hotels, and resorts, or backyards. Pro Putt-44 looks just like real grass and can enhance any environment.

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More About Pro Putt-44

Pro Putt-44 belongs to our Putting Greens Series. Designed with the avid golfer in mind, Pro Putt-44 is a professional putting green artificial turf product that gives you an outstanding golfing experience. Endorsed by the two-time Master Champion Bernhard Langer, our putting greens are a perfect fit for golf clubs, parks, attraction areas, and are great especially for individual golfers who love to enjoy a personal round of golf in the convenience and privacy of their own backyard.

So whether you're looking for your own practice area to improve your short game or a recreational spot for entertaining loved ones and guests, Pro Putt-44 is a great addition to any property.

Products Specifications

Color: Medium Bi-Color Green
Traffic: Medium-Heavy
Pile Height1/2"
Turf Gauge3/16"
Face Weight44 oz.yd2
Backing Weight13 oz.yd2
Total Weight57 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate34/10 cm

Products Uses

  • Landscape
  • Putting Green
  • Driving Ranges
  • Bocce Ball
  • Tennis Courts
  • Medium-Heavy Traffic


  • PP Monofilament

13 Customer Reviews

5.0 stars -
5.0 stars out of 5 stars

5 stars -

Great putting green

5 stars -

I love the new putting greens we got!

5 stars -

No more drives to the putting course! I can do it in my own yard now, what a relief honestly

5 stars -

I've had my eyes on this putting green for over a half year and I finally convinced my husband to have it installed in our yard. No regrets! It looks amazing!

5 stars -

Between the 3 putting greens offered by GST, I like this one the most because of its light color

5 stars -

My customers seem to favorite this putting green for their yards. I have personally been debating whether or not to change mine to Pro putt as well since it feels great and looks nice too.

5 stars -

My customers seem to favorite this putting green for their yards. I have personally been debating whether or not to change mine to Pro putt as well since it feels great and looks nice too.

5 stars -

I have been playing golf for so many years. But as years go by, it's getting quite harder for me to go to the golf club which is about 40 minutes away from me just to play when I could've spent it relaxing at home. However, I really miss playing so I thought there must be a product out there that could solve this problem-- and there really is! Found GST Putting Green Pro Putt product and it was just amazing. It felt like I'm playing in an actual golf club as it really feels premium and has great performance due to the amazing ball speed and the soft texture of the grass. Great job!

5 stars -

I planned on having a lawn tennis court in my side yard. I contacted an installer and they recommended using the Pro-putt-44. It took them 3 days to install artificial grass on the whole area and the result is so amazing! I now have my own lawn tennis court. Thanks to you guys!

5 stars -

My backyard doesn't look good due to some cracked pavement. When I had the budget and time to renovate it, I thought about having artificial grass this time, to make it look different and green. Besides, I don't want to have cracked pavement anymore. I read that artificial grass last for 25 years max so I opted to it. I contacted an installer to ask some advise. I told him I want to have some nice artificial grass for my backyard and build a mini golf course too because I love playing golf. They gave me two types of artificial grass: The Emerald 92 stemgrass for the pavement and this Pro-Putt 44 for my gold course. It took them 3 days to install since they designed the golf course. I tested it out right away and I love how my golf ball rolled on the grass. Now, I love how my backyard looks. I would definitely spend much of my free time here.

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5 stars -
We had real grass on my golf course but then summer ruined it. It made my course patched, so I can't play on it anymore. My wife suggested to replace it with an artificial lawn since it cannot be ruined by the weather. I decided to give it a try. The installer made a perfect shape and it looks better than my golf course before. I'm so happy with the outcome! Pro Putt-44 is the best!
2 customers found this helpful   Comment 1

5 stars -

My putting green golf mat came promptly and was in good quality as it just rolled out and ready for use. Very pleased with this purchase as I found this is really a golf turf mat with good quality for your yard. I bought one before from another store but it can only be used inside the room. Now I can play golf at home anytime and now own an area to play golf which can save me a lot of time instead of driving to the golf club. And my kids also like to play football on it as the ball rolled on it very well. I prepared to buy a big one for my dad as he likes golf better than me and with a bigger yard!

4 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -
I spent more than a year looking for the best possible putting green products before I pulled the trigger on this one! It is clearly one of the best products at a very reasonable price point. The color is just right, and we have the installer to put in the shock pad underneath the turf so I have more cushioning. At the beginning, I didn't let the installer to put any sand infills in the putting green turf, as I really like the color and was told that adding infills can change the look a bit. However, the putting speed on the non-infilled artificial putting green was only about 11, I wanted it faster, so I added the green color infill sands (I believe it was 30 mesh, very fine stuff), guess what, the more I add the sands, the faster the ball travels, I believe I added about 2 pounds per soft on average, and I now get 13-14 on the speed, absolutely like it. The price point for this product is just right, it is not the most expensive one on the market for sure, but for what I need, the price is a bargain!
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