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Putt-46 BiColor

The luxury of having a light, vibrant, and private personal putting green in your backyard is key to reducing the number of strokes in your short game, and during your next round. Professional Putt-46 Bi-Color mimics the consistency and speed of putting on golf course greens, without the need of leaving the comfort of your own home.

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More About Putt-46 BiColor

Putt 46 Bi-Color is a high-quality golf putting green designed for commercial and residential use. This product is the perfect idea for professional and amateur golfers who are looking to improve their game anytime and anywhere. You can be like one of the pros by stepping out onto your own custom Putt-46 Bi-Color backyard putting green and feel like a true golf master.

And the great thing about artificial grass is, you're not limited to just the backyard. Easily install synthetic putting greens on rooftops and balconies, in recreational areas and apartment complexes, basements, driving ranges, tennis courts, and open office spaces. Versatile and durable, Putt 46 Bi-color replicates natural putting greens and adds the benefit of no-maintenance, no watering, and always light green and impeccable golf surface.

Featuring the dual color of forest field green blades, Putt 46 Bi-color's vibrant theme can make an excellent addition to any home landscape. While building your private golf course may seem like a pipe dream, it's not as far fetched an idea; with putting greens from Global Syn-Turf you can bring the game you love to your very home. The possibilities are endless in size, shape, and budget!

Putt 46 Bi-Color also features long-lasting backing with perforated holes for ideal drainage. Its uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing offers seam strength and durability to withhold heavy foot traffic. Global Syn-Turf offers a 15-year warranty on all synthetic turf products, but the life-span of residentially used turf is much longer; it can last you up to 25 years.

Products Specifications

Color: Light Bi-Color Green
Pile Height5/8"
Turf Gauge3/16"
Face Weight46 oz.yd2
Backing Weight25 oz.yd2
Total Weight71 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate32/10 cm

Products Uses

  • Landscape
  • Putting Green
  • Driving Ranges
  • Bocce Ball
  • Tennis Courts
  • Medium-Heavy Traffic


  • PP Curled as Thatch

13 Customer Reviews

5.0 stars -
5.0 stars out of 5 stars

5 stars -

I think it's even better than the actual putting course I go to. Since it's so new

5 stars -

Having too much fun with this thing

5 stars -

Just got this lovely putting green installed. The ball runs really smooth and it looks incredible. Quick installation, only took a day

5 stars -

I never imagined I could have my own putting green in my yard. This makes practicing so much more convenient!

5 stars -

Just recently got this installed at my sports facility. Love having it since I can practice putting on the weekends now

5 stars -
This job was done by Carolina Putting Greens! Check them out if you need a professional putting green install!

5 stars -

For me, an good putting green is crucial since I am a semi professional golfer on the side. I installed the Putt 46 in my backyard to practice and it has been extremely smooth and comfortable. I would even say it's better than some of the terrains I've golfed on.

5 stars -

At the age of 6, my son has shown interest in golf after watching a tv show which featured golf as a sport. It was very unusual for kids to choose golf as their sport, but he wanted it so much so I bought it for him. He was so happy! When we had it installed, he couldn't wait to get on it! It was also very premium looking and we didn't have to worry about the mud when it gets rained on so it was really perfect! 

5 stars -

My mom loves playing lawn tennis. I contacted an installer so they can give me some advise on what artificial grass I should use and he recommended thus Putt-46 bicolor. We love it's color and how well our feet grip on it. It's not too slippery and good for running. I just hoped we have a larger area and I will definitely choose to use this type of artificial grass again.

5 stars -

My dad loves to play golf so much so I gave him this on his birthday. Our house has a little bit of extra space and we had it installed there. When it was installed, it had no wrinkles on it which made the ball glide into it very smoothly. My father knows a lot about it as his friends also own some grass, so he immediately knew that it was a very high quality which made him very happy. I've never seen him that happy and even almost teary eyed because he now has his own mini golf course at the comfort of our home. Thank you for this amazing product!

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5 stars -

I wanted a high-quality mat that I could install in a small area beside my pool, without spending too much. I compared different products but this turf really took my heart away. It looks and feel premium. I also love how this product can be used by professional and amateur players like me. It made me feel like I'm a pro!I installed it beside my pool and a small lake on the other side, in just a day. Honestly, it made the area look amazing! It feels like I'm in a fancy place and I enjoy playing on it for hours. Considering its price, I can definitely say it's a bang for the buck! Highly recommended! 

1 customer found this helpful  

5 stars -

My dad and I love playing lawn tennis so I decided to have a court in our backyard as a present on his 60th birthday. I contacted an installer and they recommended to use this Putt-46 bicolor since it's perfect for sports. They used T-cool infill so it will not get too hot. Installing took 3 days. When my father saw it he cried with joy. The installers did a great job and the artificial grass is so perfect!

1 customer found this helpful  

5 stars -

I saw many people chose the putting green 60 and 44, I personally like my 46 Bicolor! The color shade is lighter than both the 69 and 44. For some reason, I just like the lighter greens. The speed is great at 14. The installer used the green color sand to infill at about 2 lbs per sf. which also helped with the speed. I didn't have any pad underneath the greens as I am not sure if the extra cushion will make balls bump if I chip it from a distance onto the greens, with sands infills, it helps a bit for the green to absorb the ball. I would think the functions of their putting green products are all similar, the difference is mainly the color which can be people's own preference. I like my bicolor putting green 46, will recommend it to anyone. 

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