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Super Natural 80

An exclusive, GST designed four-color multi-bladed synthetic turf, Super Natural-80 offers remarkable realism. This premium product features a vibrant color scheme, combined with the high-quality, dense construction. Super Natural-80 blends multiple engineered blades that highlight the Emerald, Lime Green, Field Green, and Beige yarn, adding a subtle pop of color to your space. It truly is the ultimate choice in artificial grass.

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More About Super Natural 80

Using a popular fiber shape that acts as a type of memory foam; Super Natural-80 is able to resist being bent by foot traffic and quickly returns to its original shape. It's also been designed to repel heat, keeping turf temperature down. Double-colored blades offer extra density, resilience and an authentic look of natural turf. Coupled with two-color thatching, green and brown, Super Natural-80 is the most realistic turf on the market today.

Whether you want to install synthetic turf in your front or backyard or are looking to upgrade an athletic field or a playground, Super Natural-80 is your premium choice. It is 100% lead-free and entirely safe for humans and animals. Manufactured to replicate the look and feel of natural grass, this product is soft, resilient, and can withstand heavy foot traffic, intense weather, and extreme temperatures. Its backing is also designed for superior drainage; making it ideal for pet mess or wet climates.

Designed to Look & Feel More Real Than Natural

Artificial grass never felt so real. Super-Natural 80 is an exclusive synthetic turf product that looks as realistic as real grass yet requires no mowing, watering, trimming or use of fertilizers.

Four-Color Blades Plus Double Thatching

Beige, Emerald, Field Green, and Lime Green multi-colored blades with double-thatch cushioning create a visual effect that creates a perfect illusion of a natural lawn.

Premium Backing

Global Syn-Turf's premium backing system is the latest in artificial grass technology. Super-Natural backing allows total surface drainage and dimensional stability.

Quality & Performance

Super Natural-80 engineered blades allow superior resilience and durability while the premium backing system provides seamless permeability and resistance. This turf product is ideal for all areas with medium or heavy traffic.


Global Syn-Turf offers a 15-year warranty on all synthetic turf products.

Products Specifications

Color: Light Brown | Emerald Green | Field Green | Lime Green
Thatching: Brown | Green
Traffic: Medium-Heavy
Pile Height2"
Turf Gauge3/8"
Face Weight80 oz.yd2
Backing Weight31 oz.yd2
Total Weight111 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate12/10 cm
BladesDouble W Blade | Double S Blade | Diamond Blade
SeriesPerformance Series Engineered Blades

Products Uses

  • Landscape
  • Lawns
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Playgrounds
  • Pet Areas
  • Medium-Heavy Traffic
  • Traffic Medians


  • PP Curled as Thatch
  • PE Monofilament

22 Customer Reviews

5.0 stars -
5.0 stars out of 5 stars

5 stars -

We've been looking at different options to transform our backyard. Ended up going with the super natural turf since the realistic look really appeals to us.

5 stars -

new backyard for the kids

5 stars -

Stands out even without the sun

5 stars -

cool scenery

5 stars -

just effortless and amazing

5 stars -

Now my kids can actually enjoy the yard

5 stars -

It compliments the pool colors well

5 stars -

appreciate the honest work and the amazing products you guys offer

5 stars -

Great job on my installers part, the turf looks great!!!

5 stars -

No more maintenance is always worth it

5 stars -

Small area to test, I really like it

5 stars -

satisfied with my turf job

5 stars -

Been loving the new lawn

5 stars -
whooo hooo!!! finally finished

5 stars -

Looks great

5 stars -

beautiful turf!

5 stars -

Swapping out gravel for turf is a great idea if you have kids. We recently finished a job for my local school district at an elementary school and the staff has told us that the kids love it. The super natural series is very soft and can easily cushion falls, which makes it a great pick for kids.

1 customer found this helpful  

5 stars -

This is an amazing find. This artificial grass is pretty and well made. Very thick and realistic. I did research and chose the most durable turf on the market. I am an outdoor enthusiast with and I do not like fakes, but this is like the real grass without weeds and hassle!  I am very happy with the results.

5 stars -

We bought this for our new patio as an area for our dogs to have an area to “use the facilities”.We researched a few different products and settled on this one since it came in a roll. The ones that come folded have too many creases in them. This one rolled out beautifully.We used 5 bags of paver sand as the base level and slope the area. The grass looks very nice, not like the old outdoor carpet your grandmother had on her porch.It is very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife, and very easy to work with overall. Dogs took to it the first day it was down. Highly recommended.

1 customer found this helpful   Comment 1

5 stars -

Delivered on-time. It offers a pleasant green space without the need to mow or water. Low maintenance and creates sunny opportunities and a bright grassy spot to read a book, write or just watch the little birds visiting the feeder high up in the tree.

2 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -

I was told it is the best fake grass out there, and boy, it is. there are so many colors in it, and each fiber is a different shape, so damn realistic. Can't say much about how much I like it! Highly recommended!

21 customers found this helpful   Comments 5

5 stars -

We've been installing Super Natural 80 for more than a year and got to say it's brilliant turf. Easy to install, looks fantastic, and homeowners love it from day one. If you spend time on proper installation, and sub-base leveling, you will be happy with results. I have this product in my backyard too, looks according to its name - just supernatural. If you have a pet using it as a toilet, you will need to throw a bucket of water down occasionally. I add some diluted disinfectant to stop the smell. Overall, it's a steal - no maintenance whatsoever.

18 customers found this helpful   Comments 3

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