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W Blade-80

W Blade-80, with a pile height of 1-7/8" and a total weight of 100 oz./yd2, is ideal for all landscapes, playgrounds, and pet areas. Engineered using our KoolMax Technology, the unique W blade shape diffuses sunlight and heat through the curves of its blades, lowering the overall temperature of the turf by up to 15 degrees. The bold Emerald Green and bright Olive Green colored blades, mixed with both Brown and Green thatching, create an invitingly green oasis of cool luscious grass beneath your feet and all-around your home, field, or building. With W Blade-80, children and pets can also frolic freely outdoors without the risk of hurting themselves by touching hot turf or tripping over uneven patchy grass. Installing W Blade-80 creates a soft, cushiony layer of blades that form a safe buffer against the hard ground, preventing serious injury from low-level falls and providing a more enjoyable play space for kids of all ages.

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More About W Blade-80


If you were to install a brand new natural grass sod lawn today, you would have no guarantee that after it’s installed, watered and fertilized, that it will stay green throughout the summer, let alone all year. Thankfully, GST artificial grass stays green, upright, and soft, all year long.


On average, the typical household in America uses over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on watering the lawn. Thankfully, you won't have to since artificial grass requires no water to maintain. Aside from the occasional wash to remove any dirt or odors left behind by pets or kids, you'll be saving time and money on water for years to come!


Perfect for hotter climate areas, W Blade-80 will not only lower monthly water bills but relieve you of the daily stresses related to maintaining a flawless yard. Dead brown grass will never trouble you again - ditch the pesticides and fertilizers that have plagued you for years! Global Syn-Turf's W Blade-80 will remain vividly green and lush every day of the year. You will fall in love with the luxurious benefits of having W Blade-80 installed in your yard; no more mowing, weeding or watering means you have more time to spend relaxing and enjoying life.

Products Specifications

Color: Emerald Green | Olive Green
Thatching: Brown | Green
Traffic: Light-Heavy
Pile Height2"
Turf Gauge3/8"
Face Weight80 oz.yd2
Backing Weight20 oz.yd2
Total Weight100 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate18/10 cm
BladesW-Shape Blade
SeriesPerformance Series Engineered Blades

Products Uses

  • Landscape
  • Lawns
  • Playgrounds
  • Traffic Medians
  • Pet Areas
  • Commercial or Residential
  • Light-Heavy Traffic


  • PE Monofilament
  • PP Curled as Thatch

10 Customer Reviews

5.0 stars -
5.0 stars out of 5 stars

5 stars -

I was telling my husband the other day how much I love our new lawn. The color is light and lush, just the way I wanted it.

5 stars -

We have both the S blade and W blade now. Both look really good, but I particularly like the blade shape on the W blade. Looks very nice.

5 stars -
I needed a turf that could act as a play area for the kids while also being pet friendly. The W blade turned out to be the medium between the two

5 stars -

I am very impressed with how this turf turned out to look.

5 stars -

The W Blade does it all for me. I like the feel, the color, and the pricing is just right. Installed in my yard!

5 stars -

I installed this artificial grass in the lounge area of my pool so the whole area will look perfect. Some of my customers want hanging out on it especially at night. I always receive compliments saying that my grass looks so real and is soft on the feet. I'm recommending your products to all the customers who ask me where I bought the grass. 

5 stars -

I always want to install artificial grass in our front yard. I saw some pictures of stripy design artificial grass on google and decided to give it a try since it looks so beautiful. I contacted an installer and it took them 3 days since the work will take time due to the design. Still, they made a great job and they exceed my expectation. My kids love it too! 

1 customer found this helpful  

5 stars -

I live in Atlanta GA, My husband and I bought this for our upstairs veranda outside. Neither dog used to go potty, but it feels good and they like laying on it. It took my installer literally 3 days from start to finish and they did an amazing job! We are very happy with it. It makes our veranda look so nice!

2 customers found this helpful   Comment 1

5 stars -

This artificial grass is INCREDIBLE. We purchased it to put in a third story cabin wood deck to prevent our kid from getting splinters. It is thick, durable, and feels incredible. There are little brown fibers interspersed which looks like real grass quality. It is seriously amazing. The price is good and we got a large area covered for cheaper than a large rug from Lowe's.

5 customers found this helpful  

5 stars -

I am telling you this fake turf I got is W Blade-80, very realistic looking! Or you can see it for yourself on the picture I just posted. Now days they make the fake grass look so close to the real thing. I have been saving on water, however, still need to rack or blow the leaves on the turf though. Realistic, save money on water and not getting muddy are my ten cents on the benefit of having the artificial grass in my back yard.

15 customers found this helpful   Comments 2

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